Special Education Needs Department (SEND)

The Special Education program in our school is an early intensive program for ages 3-9 years that apply the universal standards, evidence-based research and best practices in educational and behavioural interventions to meet individual needs. The program teaches academic, social/play, language/communication, and functional life skills on a daily basis for 25 hours a week. 

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behaviour (VB), developmentally appropriate activities, and Behaviour Management (BM) are vital components of our program which will ensure that our students become independent, active, and productive members in their societies. Studies have shown that the earlier the intensive intervention program is implemented, the greater the positive impact on the student’s progress will be.

The department offers periodical professional training for parents to train and support them in applying the program and strategies at home to ensure their children have all the support they need to develop to their full potential. 

Our intention is for our students to be able to work towards integrating, up to 30% of their school day, with other students in the mainstream classrooms (however this is individualised to each child).  We believe it is supportive and a good example to learn by watching and modelling other students.

If you would like to visit the MSN-D Student Support Department, please do not hesitate to schedule a tour with our School Registrar.

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